Studio Elle’s use of so-called cat tools, has increased the quality standards and the efficiency in the working cycle. In fact, these tools allow rigorous checks to be made on the correct use of terms and on the internal consistency of the text (e.g. repetitiveness of technical terms). Moreover, thanks to the use of the innovative Translation Memory, we can memorize the most technical and specialized terms, to speed up the subsequent production processes. This leads to greater accuracy in translations as well as a significant reduction in delivery times for the customer.

Active since 1981, Studio Elle has obtained important certifications for the quality of its services. The UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 standard establishes the accuracy of translations as well as the efficiency in project management and internal organization. Our company has always been attentive to the needs of the market and exporting entrepreneurs and operates in compliance with the agreed deadlines and procedures. Furthermore, we at Studio Elle take the utmost care in safeguarding the integrity and privacy of the material entrusted to us. Professionals and companies can therefore count on the absolute confidentiality of our staff and on their accuracy in transposing to and from another language. In fact, Studio Elle does legal translations and respective asseverations that are legally valid, technical translations (also with specialized, scientific or particularly complex contents) and commercial, asseverations, translations of user manuals and other customized materials on behalf of companies, professionals, studios and agencies, public bodies, etc.